Changing Accountants


Switching accountants is an easy and smooth process. Here is a quick summary of how it works.....


  • We will need authorisation from you which allows us to speak to your existing accountant.  We need to request that they send us all your accounting and tax paperwork. This is easy: it’s just a matter of you signing an authorisation letter which we will provide.
  • We will then send a professional courtesy letter to your existing accountant. In this letter, we will ask your accountant if there is any known reason why we cannot accept you as a client. This is a professional formality and usually doesn't present any problems.
  • Once we have received the response from your accountant we will then set you up as a new client. It’s as simple as that! *

* We do recommend that you do not fall behind with your accounting records during the transitional process

If you are interested in changing accountants then please contact us