You are entitled to arrange your affairs to pay the absolute legal minimum amount of tax. Whilst completion of tax returns and statutory tax obligations are important jobs, all accountants should be capable of completing them and advising you of your tax position and liabilities. We all have to pay our taxes but within the legal framework there are numerous ways of saving tax and making sure you do not pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary.


If engaged to deal with your tax affairs, we can act as agents on your behalf with HMRC, dealing with all your tax requirements, including preparing and submitting annual tax returns on your behalf. For new businesses, we will provide all forms required to be submitted to HMRC and the NIC Contributions Agency and assist with their completion and submission to the relevant authorities.

Personal Tax

Need help with your Tax Return?

Personal tax services are available both for business owners and private individuals including:

  • All aspects of Self-Assessment
  • Property Income Tax
  • Dealing with Tax Returns
  • Tax enquiries
  • Computation of liabilities or rebates
  • Tax disputes
  • Correspondence with HMRC
Tax Returns and Self-Assessment

Tax Returns can be completed for

  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Partnerships

The self-assessment regime is full of penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It's important that

  • Returns are correctly completed.
  • They are filed on time.
  • All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time.

As well as the completion of your return we can assist with

  • Advice on your tax liabilities.
VAT Registration

For VAT registration we can assist with:

  • Advising if you need to, or if it would be beneficial to register.
  • Completion of the VAT registration forms and formalities.
  • Advising on the best VAT schemes to use suitable to your business - some you have to notify HMRC you are using and some you don't.
VAT Returns

Compliance with VAT is complex. Investigations by the VAT man can be intense - all the more important that your VAT returns are completed correctly.

There are two methods we can use to assist in completion of VAT returns:

  • Let us do your bookkeeping and we complete the return from there.
  • Give us your books and we will complete the return for you.

We complete VAT returns in good time to ensure you avoid any penalties.